Flooding Damage & Yard Debris Removal Post-Irma in Gainesville

Since Hurricane Irma passed through Gainesville as a Category 1 hurricane, cleanup efforts have been widespread across the Alachua County area.  Numerous trees are down, and there are also many instances of flooding, such as the included photograph, courtesy of WUFT, showing flooding in the Turkey Creek neighborhood.  Robin Lane, Hills of Santa Fe, and many other neighborhoods, including basically the entire area surrounding the intersection of University Avenue and 34th Street, have all been impacted by flooding.

As far as tree/yard debris goes, to the extent that you’re doing it yourself, the City of Gainesville has stated that it will be picking up branches and logs cut in 5-foot lengths, up to 8-inches in diameter, along with leaves and other vegetative debris in brown paper bags or reusable garbage cans.

JDog Gainesville of course can help with your post-storm cleanup.  Feel free to give us a call at 352-538-7176 for your storm and flooding cleanup needs, especially if you have items that need removal due to flooding-related damage.  Stay safe out there!