JDog Customer Video Review – Moving/Junk (Tim)

When you’re moving, it’s enough to have to sort out what’s coming with you from what’s unwanted.  Let JDog Junk Removal and Hauling Gainesville take it from there!  Check out this customer’s experience with us in connection with his move.  And, if we can ever be of service to you or to friends or family, give us a call at 352-538-7176 – you’ll be glad you did!

Flooding Damage & Yard Debris Removal Post-Irma in Gainesville

Since Hurricane Irma passed through Gainesville as a Category 1 hurricane, cleanup efforts have been widespread across the Alachua County area.  Numerous trees are down, and there are also many instances of flooding, such as the included photograph, courtesy of WUFT, showing flooding in the Turkey Creek neighborhood.  Robin Lane, Hills of Santa Fe, and many other neighborhoods, including basically the entire area surrounding the intersection of University Avenue and 34th Street, have all been impacted by flooding.

As far as tree/yard debris goes, to the extent that you’re doing it yourself, the City of Gainesville has stated that it will be picking up branches and logs cut in 5-foot lengths, up to 8-inches in diameter, along with leaves and other vegetative debris in brown paper bags or reusable garbage cans.

JDog Gainesville of course can help with your post-storm cleanup.  Feel free to give us a call at 352-538-7176 for your storm and flooding cleanup needs, especially if you have items that need removal due to flooding-related damage.  Stay safe out there!

JDog Helps Customers with Storm Preparedness!

In times of inclement weather, it’s important to be prepared! With the hurricane approaching this week, JDog Gainesville has been working to help customers with storm preparedness.  This could involve anything from piles of debris and limbs to cleaning out your garage (so you can put your vehicles in there) to getting construction debris up off of your property so it doesn’t get whipped up by the wind.

After any storm passes through, there will be work to be done.  If you’re hiring a company to clean up the debris, make sure they dispose of it rather than leaving it for the city to pick up – this can warrant a $500 fine and even getting arrested.  Don’t take it upon yourself to deal with all that – call JDog!

Will Gainesville or Alachua Code Enforcement Give Me a Citation for Junk?

Will Gainesville or Alachua Code Enforcement Give Me a Citation for Junk?  Yes.  Absolutely.  Local government authorities can and will cite property owners for creating a hazardous or unsafe condition with too much junk.  They find the authority to do this in the local ordinances, which they use to make orders for:

Removal or correction of hazardous conditions such as improper storage of junk, trash, debris, and/or garbage on private property, overgrown vegetation, abandoned vehicles, swimming pools, and occupancy with hazardous conditions present.

Don’t end up like the couple that faced $300,000 in fines for having too much junk!!  Call JDog.

JDog Gainesville – Ribbon Cutting & Grand Opening!

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Gainesville began taking jobs around early May of 2017 in Gainesville, with the mission of hiring veterans and giving customers a great experience.  And it’s been a big couple of months!  We celebrated this with a Grand Opening / Ribbon-Cutting event on August 18, 2017.

We were joined by a number of community partners, including our friends from The Repurpose Project, Team Red, White, and Blue, and the Pets and Patriots Foundation.  Our venue, First Magnitude Brewery, was great, and it was great to have the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce in attendance to carry out the ribbon-cutting.

One of the highlights of the event was a speech from Terry Martin-Back, a local veteran, and highly accomplished speaker.

But for JDog Gainesville’s owner-operator, Dan Weisman, the best part was getting to quote from the Ranger Creed and compliment his beautiful wife both at the same time! #junkremoval #gainesville


JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Gainesville – What We’re About

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling is the only company in the nation that only franchises to veterans and veteran families and encourages us to hire veterans in our local communities.  At JDog Gainesville, we’re initiating this blog to keep our friends and customers up to speed on any issues relating to junk removal, waste-related issues, and veteran and veteran-business related issues going on in our community.  Welcome!

JDog’s headquarters is near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and its JDog Gainesville’s page on the franchise website can be found here.  Furthermore, you all can check out JDog Gainesville’s local Facebook page here, to get more of a sense of what we’re doing around town.

We will be updating this page with posts addressing the veterans’ community and the junk removal and waste-management industry, so stay tuned!  It’ll be interesting!